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Battle for Zendikar

Battle for Zendikar

A new set is coming and things will change.  We will be continuing our tradition of an exciting weekend of prerelease Magic, things worthy of the tales they spawn.  Most events will be $30, and preregistration gains you a $5 bonus in store credit for reporting to your event!  Preregistration will close 9/21.

Standard event payout (based on record of Win – Loss – Draw):
4-0 10 packs
3-0-1 6 packs
3-1 4 packs
2-X-X 1 packs

We will be giving out door prizes at every event!

General times, see below for details:
Saturday September 26th 12:01 am (the Midnight Event), $30 Sealed Deck with 4 rounds of Swiss.
Saturday September 26th 10 am, $30 Sealed Deck with 4 rounds of Swiss.
Saturday September 26th 3 pm, $30 Sealed Deck with 4 rounds of Swiss.
Saturday September 26th 7 pm, $30 each Two Headed Giant with 4 rounds of Swiss.  Modified payouts, every team earns prize packs.

Sunday September 27th 9 am, $40 Sealed Deck with full Swiss.  See payouts below.
Sunday September 27th 3 pm, $30 Sealed Deck with 4 rounds of Swiss.

Full Swiss Payouts

8+ players 16+ players 32+ players 64+ players
Cut None Top 4 Top 8 Top 8
1st 30 50 95 180
2nd 10 25 45 72
3rd / 4th 5 15 25 36
5th – 8th 2 2 5 15
9th+ 2 2 2 2

Iron Man

You must play 5 events, and you may count the cut to top X in the Sunday game as a separate event.  All Iron Man competitors must register their pools.  There is a follow-up event for all competitors, and are invited back to Magelings for a special sealed event on Sunday Oct 11th starting at 1pm.  Players must register by 12:45pm, the event is free.

Why Iron Man?   It is an amazing time, and you’ll meet other hardcore players like yourself.  It truly is an endurance challenge, so get ready to push yourself through Saturday.  Besides all the great stuff we give out over the prerelease weekend, all Iron (Wo)Men are invited to another game for FREE!  This is modified sealed, you must build a 60 card deck with what you opened during the prerelease.  We love this challenge so much that we break out the special prizes for this event, in the past we’ve given out GOLD.  Stay tuned for updates to the Iron Man prize pool.

Timing details:
Player seating will be posted 25 minutes after the above mentioned times.  Announcements will be made and product will be handed out.  For the midnight event we will be seating players at 12:01 am and handing out immediately after announcments.  There will be AT MOST 40 minutes to build decks before round 1 pairings are posted.  Midnight pairings at 12:45 am at the latest is our goal.  That gives roughly an hour from the posted time before game 1 starts.  Players who  are not ready for round 1, showed up late for example, will receive a loss for that round.

Peaking Through the Veil

Ever wonder what is on the other side?  What if that other side came to ours?
Wizards of the Coast and Magelings Games are very pleased to announce the next Veil breach, and it is occuring right here in the heart of Missouri!

Quest for the Gauntlet

Welcome to Kaijudo!  You coerce, cajole, or request the presence of Kaiju and fight fantastic battles.  On the other side of the Veil is a remarkable world, divided into multiple realms with ruling classes and tribes.  But that’s not all, YOU are part of the story too.  You can bring the Kaiju to our realm to fight battles be for the greater good or self-promotion.  Where do you stand?

What is this all about?  A Veil breach is a very special preview of new cards in the game Kaijudo.  Like everything we do, this one is a bit different than the norm.  This unVeiling isn’t a handful of cards, this one is a full DRAFT OF THE NEWEST SET!  Quest for the Gauntlet is the first to support this exciting format, and so to showcase it, select players will get to touch, sniff, and play with the shiny newness.

When does this happen?  May 10th, kicking off at 10am.

What is going to happen?  Well, there are quite a few things happening actually.  The primary event is called “Duel Days” where people play the game.  Before, during, and afterwards we will have learning demonstrations to showcase Kaijudo and teach new players how it all works.  Wizards representatives will select from the group of attendees (8 players) to participate in this special draft.  The draft games will be played out in public space where everyone can see all the new cool cards.  We have a lot of side activities planned.

Kaijudo is rather unique among the collectible card games in that is has at its’ core a code of conduct (read here).  The notion of “One Community” and personal responsibility is key, and sportsman-like behavior is central to this.  With this in mind, we will be looking for this during our various activities:

We are also asking teams to register (link to be posted soon), and they will be judged as a group and also receive special and unique rewards.

So join us on May 10th, regardless if you’ve heard of Kaijudo before or not.  We will have a food drive, demo games, official duel “days”, a special 8 person draft event, and even an opportunity to play with Nat (that’s the guy owns the store and got the ball rolling initially in shop with his wife) and perhaps some other special guests.