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SCG States Oct 17/18

As I write this, the final round of our weekend of Battle for Zendikar prerelease events are wrapping up.  What better time than to talk about our next big community event?  We are hosting Star City Games Autumn State Championships in just a few weeks, and are very excited for the new shift in Standard.  The brewers have been convening all weekend, theory-crafting and prophesying what is about to storm the scene.  On our end we have been gathering some of the best judges that the state has to offer and figuring how to give you the best event possible.

Preregister here.

Star City Games has a standard for event payouts based on attendance:
States Payouts
This list is pretty strong!  We are going to be hosting the event in shop this time around, and we will need to put an attendance cap on things.  Because of this, we wanted to give strong incentive for people to preregister for the events.  For each threshold we reach in the preregistration pool one person will be selected at random to win the listed prize.  With a nod to what the organizers of GP’s have been doing, here is our preregistration bonus:

Pregistration Pool Bonus
20 BFZ Fat Pack
25 FtV Angels
30 FtV Twenty
35 FtV Realms
40 FtV Angels
50 BFZ Booster Box
75 Modern Masters 2015 Booster Pack
80 Modern Masters 2015 Booster Pack
85 Modern Masters 2015 Booster Pack
90 Modern Masters 2015 Booster Pack
100 Jace, the Mind Sculptor Limited Edition Silver Coin
105 Modern Masters 2013 Booster Pack
110 Modern Masters 2015 Booster Pack
115 Modern Masters 2015 Booster Pack
120 Modern Masters 2015 Booster Pack
125 Modern Masters 2013 Booster Pack
150 Jace, the Mind Sculptor Limited Edition Silver Coin
175 BFZ Booster Box
200 BFZ Booster Case


Your head judge for Saturday will be Billy Gilmore and Maximilian Schroeder for Sunday.  For those wishing to spend the night and play both events (and get entered in the prize drawing twice if preregistered) there are plenty of hotels in town with the Red Roof Inn (on E Texas Ave) and a Quality Inn (on N Providence Rd) in walking distance.

I am super excited, I hope you are too!



*edit*Finalized after a massive release draft!

Magic Origins

EN_ORIPRE_Header_0A new set is coming and things will change.  We will be continuing our tradition of an exciting weekend of prerelease Magic, things worthy of the tales they spawn.  Most events will be $25, preregister links are available below:

White (Gideon)
Blue (Jace)
Black (Liliana)
Red (Chandra)
Green (Nissa)

**Note you are not guaranteed a particular Planeswalker in any prerelease pack.

Standard event payout (based on record of Win – Loss – Draw):
4-0 10 packs
3-0-1 6 packs
3-1 4 packs
2-X-X 1 packs

Door Prizes
Here are some of the things you may win just for playing:
Dice Bricks
Deck Boxes
and much more.  May I suggest you bring an empty card box?

General times, see below for details:
Saturday July 11th 12:01 am (the Midnight Event), $25 Sealed Deck with 4 rounds of Swiss.
Saturday July 11th 10 am, $25 Sealed Deck with 4 rounds of Swiss.
Saturday July 11th 3 pm, $25 Sealed Deck with 4 rounds of Swiss.
Saturday July 11th 7 pm, $25 each Two Headed Giant with 4 rounds of Swiss.  Modified payouts, every team earns prize packs.

Sunday July 12th 9 am, $35 Sealed Deck with full Swiss.  See payouts below.
Sunday July 12th 3 pm, $25 Sealed Deck with 4 rounds of Swiss.

Full Swiss Payouts

8+ players 16+ players 32+ players 64+ players
Cut None Top 4 Top 8 Top 8
1st 30 50 95 180
2nd 10 25 45 72
3rd / 4th 5 15 25 36
5th – 8th 2 2 5 15
9th+ 2 2 2 2

Iron Man

You must play 5 events, and you may count the cut to top X in the Sunday game as a separate event.  All Iron Man competitors must register their pools.  There is a follow-up event for all competitors, and are invited back to Magelings for a special sealed event on Sunday July 19th starting at 1pm.  Players must register by 12:45pm, the event is free.

Why Iron Man?   It is an amazing time, and you’ll meet other hardcore players like yourself.  It truly is an endurance challenge, so get ready to push yourself through Saturday.  Besides all the great stuff we give out over the prerelease weekend, all Iron (Wo)Men are invited to another sealed game for FREE!  We love this challenge so much that we break out the special prizes for this event, in the past we’ve given out GOLD.


Timing details:
Player seating will be posted 25 minutes after the above mentioned times.  Announcements will be made and product will be handed out.  For the midnight event we will be seating players at 11:50 pm and handing out product at 12:01 am.  There will be AT MOST 40 minutes to build decks before round 1 pairings are posted.  Midnight pairings at 12:45 am the latest.  That gives roughly an hour from the posted time before game 1 starts.  Players who  are not ready for round 1, showed up late for example, will receive a loss for that round.

Wizk!ds Con In Our Store

wizkids-logoHave a love for Wizk!ds games?  So do we!  August 23rd we are having a Wizk!ds con in the shop.

What can you expect?  Lots and lots of gaming.  We will have open play events, Heroclix tournaments, a Quarriors tournament, an Attack Wing tournament, and more.  We will be offering some really cool stuff with each event.

You may have noticed some bright notices by some of the Wizk!ds products in the shop that tell you how to earn tickets.  We will be raffling off some exclusive stuff over the course of the day, some items you just can’t buy.

What are these items?  Well, that is pretty much up to you.  As the community buys Wizk!ds products, we add more to the pot.  Kinda like Kickstarter and unlocking levels.

To Be Raffled:
Random 2013 HeroClix Convention Promo Fig

Next Up:
Random 2013 HeroClix Convention Promo Fig

COMPLETE War of Light Construct Promos (56 pieces)
2012 Holiday HeroClix figs
2012 HeroClix Convention figs
2013 HeroClix Convention figs
2013 Holiday HeroClix figs