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Announcing Schedule Changes

Hello there folks.  School is starting back up and things are busily buzzing around the shop.  We have some changes coming up this fall, but I wanted to focus on our gaming schedule today.  We have moved Yu-Gi-Oh! to Tuesday nights to allow for more time and space for D&D Encounters on Wednesdays.

Also, starting in September we are holding x2 SCG Game Night in the shop.  Magic League and Magic Modern format will both be part of this program, so you don’t have to choose between a format you like and the cool swag you need.  Additionally, September marks the kick-off point for our latest Games Workshop Escalation League.  This time around, Fantasy!

Without further ado, here is our schedule:

Kaijudo has rotating formats that follow this sequence (Thursday/Saturday):
1st Standard / Open
2nd Standard / Draft
3rd Open / Standard
4th Draft / Standard
5th Standard / Standard

Wizk!ds Con In Our Store

wizkids-logoHave a love for Wizk!ds games?  So do we!  August 23rd we are having a Wizk!ds con in the shop.

What can you expect?  Lots and lots of gaming.  We will have open play events, Heroclix tournaments, a Quarriors tournament, an Attack Wing tournament, and more.  We will be offering some really cool stuff with each event.

You may have noticed some bright notices by some of the Wizk!ds products in the shop that tell you how to earn tickets.  We will be raffling off some exclusive stuff over the course of the day, some items you just can’t buy.

What are these items?  Well, that is pretty much up to you.  As the community buys Wizk!ds products, we add more to the pot.  Kinda like Kickstarter and unlocking levels.

To Be Raffled:
Random 2013 HeroClix Convention Promo Fig

Next Up:
Random 2013 HeroClix Convention Promo Fig

COMPLETE War of Light Construct Promos (56 pieces)
2012 Holiday HeroClix figs
2012 HeroClix Convention figs
2013 HeroClix Convention figs
2013 Holiday HeroClix figs