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Tournament of Magicks and Spellcraft

I am pleased to introduce a new player reward program for 2018, which will culminate in our Tournament of Magicks and Spellcraft!

Every year we run a bevy of events ranging from leagues to high-end cash games.  Many other companies have an annual “Player of the Year” race, including Wizards, and I wanted to similarly recognize such an effort.  A distinct difference from many of these other “races” is that you do not have to win a highly competitive event to earn a seat in the end.  We developed a system where people doing what they do are recognized and rewarded.

To be distinct from other big cash games, we decided to remove that entirely.  We consistently hold large cash games, some as high as $5,000, and these only appeal to a portion of our community.  In its’ place we have come up with unique items that you will not find for sale in the store as well as a trophy for the winner of the event.

So what is this event already?  The top 16 players of the year are invited to play a mixed format game (Constructed and Limited) in December 2018.  If one of those players cannot attend, their seat will be passed down to the next highest ranking person present.  The top 16 players, regardless of appearance at the final event, will receive a custom deck box crafted by Wyrmwood and a commemorative playmat.  The winner of the event will be crowned the Spellweaver of Magelings and have a trophy to proudly display their achievements.

So how do you earn points?  As I said before, by doing what you do.  Our focus at Magelings is community and growth, so the point system was designed to reflect that.  By being part of the community and attending events you will earn points:
Teach new player: 6 pts
Prerelease: 5 pts/event
Weekly event w/ 16+: 1 pt
League: total players * personal attendance %
Set Finale: 3 pts, +1 pt for making T8
CREL (in-house): 3 pts, +1 pt for making T8
Regionals (us hosting): 10 pts
CREL (elsewhere): 2 pts

Dumbledore: ??? pts

We ran potential systems by both “casual” and “competitive” players to find a balanced system and based on feedback this is where we are.  Points are awarded for being part of the story, growing the community, and still recognizing that people travel and play elsewhere.

We run multiple events over the year to teach new players, the primary one being Magic Open House.  That said, these aren’t the only events in which to bring new community members into the fold. Prereleases and League are also excellent ways.  Whenever or however you go about it, when we issue the new player a DCI number we need to know that you are the one bringing them in and have taught or are teaching them how to play.  Remember we also have a lot of judges in the shop to help out.

Weekly events, like FNM or Wednesday Modern, have the potential to earn points.  When there are 16 or more players in an event, everyone in the event will receive one point.  Community growth and support is something we want to recognize, and allowing for things to happen organically is important.

League points are earned by attending the Wednesday night Magic League.  If you attend each league event, each league has approximately twelve (12) events, you will earn 100% of the points.  How many points you may be asking, well that depends on how big the league is.  If the current league is 20 players, that league is worth 20 points.  If you show up for each league event, you will get 20 points.  If you attend 6 league events, you get 10 points.  This year League points will start with Rivals, and go through including the Fall release (which will be calculated for the first week of December).

To claim points for playing elsewhere, say going to a PPTQ in Saint Louis or a Grand Prix, simply post a photo of yourself that day at the event to our Facebook wall in your Magelings apparel or holding a branded playmat that day and share your story.  This is much like the “Magelings in the Wild” competitions we held in the past.  Make sure to tag yourself.  We will record the event and add your points.

What is this “Dumbledore” thing?  Well, not every system is perfect nor would I presume to have everything accounted for in our first run of things.  I reserve the right to Dumbledore points, to quote a famous fantasy franchise “10 points for Gryffindor!”

Along with points come rewards:
100 points – 5% off Magic singles
200 points – 10% off Magic singles
350 points – 15% off Magic singles
Rewards earned in 2018 will continue in 2019, though points will reset.  If you earn 15% off singles this year, you will have that for 2019 as well even though your points will be reset to zero.