A New Year, 2015 Edition

A year in review. Where to start. We had our largest event ever last Spring (the game was for Magic the Gathering), as well as a growth in local judges. Organized play across the board has been up, and a lot of new faces and friends in the shop.

We have had some big upsets and growths this year. All in all, the shop continues stronger than ever. This is largely due to the Magelings (that’s what I call the staff, players, teachers-of-games, basically the people who walk through the doors and share their nerdery with others). When the name for the store was being discussed, we obviously agreed upon Magelings Games. “Mage” – a wizard of junior status normally, “lings” – from the concept of a halfling. A place for both personal growth and training. Also somewhere fun and light-hearted. I think we accomplished that and continue to do so. We have some of the best gaming communities I’ve ever seen! From top finishers at competitive Magic and Yu-Gi-Oh events to game designers. There is a wealth of knowledge in the shop from professional paths to nerdery to hobbies and special interests.

Looking at 2015, we have some challenges in front of us. How to we continue to set the pace for CCG events in Mid Missouri? How do we crack the wargaming tournament nut? Can we implement a player reward system, what does it look like? What new organized play do we add? Do any get dropped? How will we rearrange the shop to meet 2015? Will we ever find Waldo?

These and more questions weigh on us. Thankfully we have a wonderful group that regularly grace our doors and give us loads of feedback.

Things to look forward to:
-Incentives offered for bringing new players into the fold, regardless of the system.
-Changes in the weekly line-up.
-The most kick-ass Iron Man challenges and rewards as we round out the Khans block. Did you know that it is the last three release block being printed for Magic?
-More high stakes Legacy events for Magic.
-On-line shopping. Browse our inventory from the comfort of your home, or while playing on your phone.