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Khans of Tarkir Prerelease and Iron Man



A new set is coming and Kings will be made.  We will be continuing our tradition of an exciting weekend of prerelease Magic, things worthy of the tales they spawn.  Each event will be $25, preregister here, and they are as follows:

Standard event payout (based on record of Win – Loss – Draw):
4-0 10 packs
3-0-1 6 packs
3-1 4 packs
2-X-X 1 packs

Saturday Sept 20th 12:01am (the Midnight Event), $25 Sealed Deck with 4 rounds of Swiss.   Bonus prizes of From the Vaults will be given out at 50 players and each 25 there after as door prizes.
Saturday Sept 20th 10am, $25 Sealed Deck with 4 rounds of Swiss.
Saturday Sept 20th 3pm, $25 Sealed Deck with 4 rounds of Swiss.
Saturday Sept 20th 6pm, $25 each Two Headed Giant with 4 rounds of Swiss.  Modified payouts, every team earns prize packs.

Sunday Sept 21st 10am, $35 Sealed Deck with full Swiss.  See payouts below.
Sunday Sept 21st 3pm, $25 Sealed Deck with 4 rounds of Swiss.

Full Swiss Payouts

8+ players 16+ players 32+ players 64+ players
Cut None Top 4 Top 8 Top 8
1st 30 50 95 180
2nd 10 25 45 72
3rd / 4th 5 15 25 36
5th – 8th 2 2 5 15
9th+ 2 2 2 2

Iron Man

There are changes to Iron Man.  Like before you must play 5 events, and you may count the cut to top X in the Sunday game as a separate event.  All Iron Man competitors must register their pools.  There is a follow-up event for all competitors, and are invited back to Magelings for a Quasi-Constructed on Sunday October 5th starting at 1pm.  Players must register by 12:45pm, the event is free.  Decks may be comprised of only cards from the registered pools.  Deck registrations will be made available no later than Wednesday prior to the game.  Without sufficient registered pools, the player will not be allowed to compete the following Sunday.

Why Iron Man?  Traditionally we have given some very big prizes such as FtV and Commander decks.  This time though, it’s big and unique.  So big, I dare say no other store in the area will be giving away such a thing.  So unique, I’d say there will not be another like it.  I’m not going to say what it is, but I will say we will not be giving it away until the Spring.  There will be a BLOCK long Iron Man competition.  Missing out on an Iron Man Sunday will not prevent the player from the final prize but may hamper their efforts.  This is solely based on the performances of the other competitors.