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Vitae VII

Registration: $15 per player; Players are encouraged to pre-register at Magelings or online.

This is a 7th Edition event.  Game mechanics, Special Rules and FAQ’s from the most recent release are live.  Each player must bring a 1500 point Battle-Forged army.  Armies must have 1 primary detachment; an optional maximum of 1 allied detachment using 7 edition ally matrix is permitted.

Print version of codices are preferred for ease of rules review.


  • Registration and set up will begin at 10:00 am when store opens.

  • Three, 2 hour rounds, with random pairings (no repeats if possible); with a 15 minute break between rounds.

  • First round begins at 11:00 am.

  • Lunch Break: one hour and 15 minutes (includes 15 minute round break) between first and second round.  If you complete your first round game early you may depart for lunch after your scores have been submitted.

  • Each round will be assigned a round score based on game results, all round scores will be tabulated in order to determine winner for event.  Round scoring will not be used to determine pairing for next round. Round scoring: Major Victory/Tabling= 7pts, Victory= 5pts; Draw= 2pts, Loss= 0 (major victory is considered when a player scores double +1 victory point more than opponent).

  • See “Tournament and House Rules” for more details regarding time limits and tournament scoring.

  • Players are encouraged to bring a tray or display board to easily carry their armies from table to table.


  • All tables will be pre-set with terrain prior to event.  No deliberate alteration of table is permitted (see restrictions regarding fortifications).

  • No Forgeworld rules (models may be a proxy for standard codex entries)

  • Ally rules apply (Battle Brothers, Allies of Convenience, Desperate Allies, Come the Apocalypse)

  • No Lords of War

  • No data slates

  • Fortifications: only Aegis Defense Line allowed (race specific proxies allowed but follow same rules as Aegis).  Players bringing a fortification are permitted to move 1 terrain piece a minimum distance in order to place the fortification under supervision of T.O. and opponent; it is the players responsibility to replace the terrain piece at the end of the game so that is back in the approximate location.