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Summer Warhammer 40k/Painting Camp July 21 – 25 2014

Kids and Games Workshop

The hobby offers a whole lot more than you think.

School is out and traditional camps are over, but you don’t want Little Johnny sitting around the house.   Or maybe it’s your daughter Sally Shoemaucker, and while she is mature you can’t leave her home all day and she doesn’t want to visit with the in-laws.  No worries, we’ve got you covered!

The quick version: give us $150 and your kids for a week of afternoons, and we will send them home with excited stories of fun, custom models, hobby tools and paints.  The camper needs to be at least 8 years old.
Register and pay now, or continue reading the whole deal below.

Painting and focus go hand in hand.

Painting and focus go hand in hand.


This summer we are offering a week long summer camp centered around Warhammer 40,000.  This camp focuses on painting, team play, and sportsmanship.  We have daily benchmarks for students to make while integrating experiential play into their afternoons.  Around the middle of each afternoon we are going to take a quick break and have a snack to recharge.

As a veteran teacher, I find that students learn far more when pursuing something and being engaged rather than when told a statement and given structured micro-managed steps.  We could say that we are going to teach color theory, “light” physics, social skills, mathematics, literacy, critical thinking and strategic planning as a way to get people excited in attending.  But that is really what parents want to hear.  Every day the campers will be engaged in all of these and then some.  This week is not about “button mashing” and sitting on a couch, it is hands-on and involved.

You can read what Games Workshop has to say about their line here.  Microsoft has some thoughts on game based learning as well.  You can also follow a collective body of research on gaming and electronic gaming benefits if you have more time.

Our itinerary:
Noon – 5 pm camp in session
Noon – 12:15 pm arrival, set-up for first activity
2:45 pm – 3 pm snack

Introduction and orientation
“Battle clinic” on basic game play and strategy

How to assemble an army
Painting – priming and blocking colors
Field test

Back story and lore of the Warhammer universe
Forces within the universe
Painting – Washes and details
Field test

Painting – Dry brushing, highlighting, and basing
Battle ready

Mega battle all day
Sportsmanship award

Campers get various supplies and take them home at the end.

Campers get a starter set, a box of Space Marines, and a whole bunch of brushes.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly!  I’m Nat, and I am frequently in the shop during the week but you can be guaranteed to find me every Friday.  Or e-mail if you like:  But if you are comfortable with all this, go ahead and register and pay now.


Cancellation Policy

We understand that things occur outside the ability of a person to control and provide the following cancellation policy:
Prior to July 7th – if for whatever reason your camper is unable to attend you will receive a full refund.
July 7th to 13th – if for whatever reason your camper is unable to attend you will receive 75% refund.
July 14th and later – No refunds will be granted. All camp materials will be provided for use at home.

Playmat Contest

Playmat design contest rules and terms
Contest starts April 16, 2014 and the last day to submit your entry is May 17, 2014.

  1. Participants may submit as many entries as they desire.  Entries are to be e-mailed to and include in the subject line “Playmat Design Contest”.
  2. The design must include the store name, “Magelings Games” or the acceptable short version “Magelings”, within the design and be clearly recognizable.  The URL may be incorporated, but is not a requirement.  The Trinigan font will be considered most appropriate.
  3. You may not present someone else’s material without permission, copyright and plagiarism rules apply.
  4. Modifying, enhancing or altering the work of another artist does not constitute an original, valid contest entry.
  5. Your entry must be in CMYK color mode with layers intact.  18×24 inches as in Illustrator “.ai” file or Photoshop “.psd”.  If you win, you will be asked to send the layered original file for verification purposes and also a high resolution PDF version for printing.
  6. Magelings Games assumes all entries are original creations and the work and property of the entrant with all rights granted therein.  The participant agrees that Magelings Games owns the copyright of the submitted image.
  7. The winners of the contest will be decided by a panel of judges consisting of: customers, staff, and owners.  The following criteria will be use:
    Creativity and concept
    Incorporation of Magelings Games logo, motto, and culture
    Visual impact
  8. Magelings Games is not liable for any copyright infringement on the part of the entrant.
  9. After the judges vote, the winner will be asked to submit the original image file for his/her submission for examination.  If this reveals a breach of contest rules/requirements, Magelings Games may at our discretion disqualify the winner.  Failure to submit the original image file or examination will result in the immediate disqualification of the entrant and the award will move to the next entrant in order.
  10. Judge rulings are final.
  11. Magelings Games reserves the right to remove material deemed to be abusive, harmful, harassing, pornographic or in other ways unsuitable for display.  Magelings Games reserves the right to use our discretion on this.
  12. The use of Magelings Games, motto, and logo are licensed for the purpose of this contest only.  They are not in the public domain and any other use, whether for commercial or non-commercial use, require licensure directly from Magelings Games.
  13. Magelings Games reserves the right to modify the rules and/or proceedings of the contest.
  14. By submitting an entry to this contest, the entrant grants Magelings Games the rights to freely publish said image, without remuneration.  In entering a creation in the contest, the contestant hereby irrevocably grants to Magelings Games all right, title, and interest in and to such creation (including but not limited to the copyright, trademark, and other intellectual property rights therein), and any and all ideas and information embodied therein, in perpetuity and throughout the world.
  15. Contestant personal information will not be distributed outside of contest sponsor companies
  16. Competition prizes:
    1st place – $100
    2nd place – $50 store credit
    3rd place – $25 store credit
  17. Entries not complying with the contest rules are subject to disqualification.



Peaking Through the Veil

Ever wonder what is on the other side?  What if that other side came to ours?
Wizards of the Coast and Magelings Games are very pleased to announce the next Veil breach, and it is occuring right here in the heart of Missouri!

Quest for the Gauntlet

Welcome to Kaijudo!  You coerce, cajole, or request the presence of Kaiju and fight fantastic battles.  On the other side of the Veil is a remarkable world, divided into multiple realms with ruling classes and tribes.  But that’s not all, YOU are part of the story too.  You can bring the Kaiju to our realm to fight battles be for the greater good or self-promotion.  Where do you stand?

What is this all about?  A Veil breach is a very special preview of new cards in the game Kaijudo.  Like everything we do, this one is a bit different than the norm.  This unVeiling isn’t a handful of cards, this one is a full DRAFT OF THE NEWEST SET!  Quest for the Gauntlet is the first to support this exciting format, and so to showcase it, select players will get to touch, sniff, and play with the shiny newness.

When does this happen?  May 10th, kicking off at 10am.

What is going to happen?  Well, there are quite a few things happening actually.  The primary event is called “Duel Days” where people play the game.  Before, during, and afterwards we will have learning demonstrations to showcase Kaijudo and teach new players how it all works.  Wizards representatives will select from the group of attendees (8 players) to participate in this special draft.  The draft games will be played out in public space where everyone can see all the new cool cards.  We have a lot of side activities planned.

Kaijudo is rather unique among the collectible card games in that is has at its’ core a code of conduct (read here).  The notion of “One Community” and personal responsibility is key, and sportsman-like behavior is central to this.  With this in mind, we will be looking for this during our various activities:

We are also asking teams to register (link to be posted soon), and they will be judged as a group and also receive special and unique rewards.

So join us on May 10th, regardless if you’ve heard of Kaijudo before or not.  We will have a food drive, demo games, official duel “days”, a special 8 person draft event, and even an opportunity to play with Nat (that’s the guy owns the store and got the ball rolling initially in shop with his wife) and perhaps some other special guests.