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Born Again



Born of the Gods events kick off February 1st and we are really excited.  For those of you that do spoilers, there have been a few trickle out and they are very exciting.  The second piece always extends the set theme and adds more mechanically.  Gods will continue to take center stage, and that means more power.


Packages (they are cumulative):

Prerelease event – $25 – Best price around, pick your color and play in a great event.  We give away products during each event, so even if you don’t win by record you can still get some cool stuff.  If you play in the midnight game, you are automatically enrolled in the release draft for free!
Artemis package – $60 – Looking for something extra special to commemorate the event?  Play your event in Born of the Gods style with sleeves, deck box and a playmat all featuring Born of the Gods art!  And regardless of what event you play, you are automatically entered into the release draft for free.
Adonis package – $200 – You cannot fall, like the Phoenix you rise again.  You want to open so much Born of the Gods that you want to have appropriately themed sleeves for the awesome builds?  How about all the styles of sleeves and deck boxes.  And why?  Because you are playing the entire weekend long!  When you show up for your free release draft you also will pick up a Born of the Gods Fat Pack.  A weekend of fun indeed!
Hera package – $400 – Queen of the Gods!  As Hera you will receive an additional playmat, a booster box of Born of the Gods on release, a Born of the Gods Pro-Binder to hold your loot and a Magic messenger bag to hold all your loot!  Have it in you to play the Two-Headed Giant game?  Be our guest, enjoy this Saturday event with our compliments.



Artemis- $60

Adonis- $200

Hera- $400



BnG Sleeves


BnG Deck Box


BnG Playmat




BnG Fat Pack


Messenger Bag


BnG Booster Box



Iron Man

Due to the amazing amount of players we have playing in five events (last time we had some that did even all six), it seems how we handle this needs to grow too.  The prize for being *THE* BnG Iron Man will be gold.  The top players will be invited back for a special closed game (the following weekend, no worries you’ve played enough over 48 hrs, we wont ask you to push farther).  There will be exactly 8 seats available.  Any Iron Man competitor is welcome to attend but only the best 8 will be seated (so if 1st doesn’t show up, then 9th can claim that seat).  At the end of the event 1st (from the new game, not the prerelease record) will get a truly special prize, gold.  All Iron Man competitors present will be rewarded as well.

You can preregister online:


The line-up of events:
Saturday February 1st – Midnight, Sealed Deck
We will close after the midnight event and reopen for registration at 10.
Saturday February 1st – 10 AM, Sealed Deck
Saturday February 1st – 3 PM, Sealed Deck
Saturday February 1st – 6 PM, Two Headed Giant
Sunday February 2nd – 10 AM, Sealed Deck
Sunday February 2nd – 3 PM, Sealed Deck