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League Needs Heroes and Heroines!


I'd hate to run into this guy in a dark alley!

I’d hate to run into this guy in a dark alley!

Everyone here at Magelings Games is excited for Theros, the upcoming Magic: the Gathering set, in their own ways. If you haven’t already, be sure to read Nat’s post on how we’re structuring our prerelease to benefit players and ensure you get the most bang for your buck. I’m here to tell you about how we’ll be running the Theros League on Wednesday Nights. League is designed to be a more laid back and more fun environment that helps balance the playing field for all players. 

League will begin on Wednesday, October 2nd at 7pm. Players will begin by picking an intro pack of their choice that will serve as their deck throughout the course of the 19 week league. That’s right players: Theros League is going to run the ENTIRE 3 month period until Born of the Gods launches!

Climb the Mountain Towards Your Destiny!
Therosart04The most visible difference will be the giant, painted cardboard mountain placed on west wall. I call this the Mountain of the Gods. This mountain will serve as your path to victory during league and will give you an idea what the League schedule will look like each week. Players will also be able to use a hero card (spoilers!)from the Theros Prerelease packs once they’ve completed a specific quest on the mountain.

Leveling Up
Therosart01Theros is a flavorful set and League is going to follow that trend closely. Players will earn experience points (XP) throughout their matches and level up, similar to playing in an RPG. This matters for 2 important reasons. During League you’ll be able to upgrade your decks by purchasing more packs if you so choose. However, you can only add a pack when you level up. The second reason is much more important: the person with the most levels will win the League at the end of the season! I’ll keep track of all XP progression at the front deck.

Challenge Weeks
Therosart08These will be marked on the Mountain of the Gods so players have some idea what they are facing. Every 5th week will be a limited draft event, either a special Theros Repack ($3) or a Rare Redraft ($8). If you haven’t drafted much, don’t worry because we’ll help teach you the ins-&-outs. Some weeks players may have to face the whimsical interventions of the Gods, who like to meddle in the affairs of mortals. Other weeks players will have to team up to take on special quest decks to take down mythological beasts. My favorite of these I’m calling The Labyrinth. 🙂 Beware: the challenges may not be held to the same restrictions you as players are held to.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am to try this revamped League structure. If you have any questions or concerns. Feel free to leave a comment or see me at the shop. I’d love to see people sign up on the facebook events page for League but it isn’t required. Until the next time, keep on gaming! – Josh

Board Gamers Anonymous 2: The Anonymest?

Hello board gamers (and future board gamers), Andrea here with some exciting news.

September is full of fun stuff for geeks-all sorts of fun releases, tournaments, and conventions. In my quest to spend every day at the shop and never sleep again, I am bringing back Board Gamers Anonymous! Some of my favorite times at Magelings have been sitting down, opening a board game and playing with new and old friends.

So here’s how it works. Every month we have a game. $5 gets you a seat at the table and an entry into the raffle. At the end of the month the game gets raffled off to somebody who played during the month.

If we have too many players, we get another copy. If we have too much money, we get an expansion. That’s more things to win at the end of the month!

When are we doing this? Mondays at 6 PM! Garfield says Mondays are terrible, so let’s make them WONDERFUL.

And now the most important part. For the starting month of September, I felt like we should do one of my favorite games. A game simple enough that you can learn in a night, complex enough that you can play it a hundred times with different strategies and still have a blast. A game with drafting, resource management, and an awesome ancient world theme. Come join us in becoming an economic, militaristic, or technological power as we play 7 Wonders!


So come in Monday at 6 and develop your civilization! Can’t wait to see you.


Going Greek

Theros events kick off September 21st and we are really excited.  For those of you that do spoilers, there have been a few trickle out and they are very exciting.  The new block always brings a lot of creativity, amazing themes and there is some real eye-popping art so far.  This particular one is steeped in Greek mythology, and that is sure to strike a chord with a lot of people.

We are looking at revamping our league play with the release, and are looking forward to the construction job… yes a construction job for league!  Wizards wants to create a truly epic feel of quest and heroism, and so are we.  And so this fever spread to the prerelease planning as well.  What all is in store for you?

Packages (they are cumulative):
Prerelease event – $25 – Best price around, pick your color and play in a great event.  We give away products during each event, so even if you don’t win by record you can still get some cool stuff.  If you play in the midnight game, you are automatically enrolled in the release draft for free!
Kratos package – $60 – Looking for something extra special to commemorate the event?  Play your event in Theros style with sleeves, deck box and a playmat all featuring Theros art!  And regardless of what event you play, you are automatically entered into the release draft for free.
Homados package – $200 – The din of battle rings loudly in your ears, crying for glorious combat.  You want to open so much Theros that you want to have appropriately themed sleeves for the awesome builds?  How about two more styles of sleeves and two more deck boxes.  And why?  Because you are playing the entire weekend long!  When you show up for your free release draft you also will pick up a Theros Fat Pack.  A weekend of fun indeed!
Agon package – $400 – The sport of it all, you embodied it!  As Agon you will receive an additional playmat, a booster box of Theros on release, a Theros Pro-Binder to hold your loot and a Magic messenger bag to hold all your loot!  Have it in you to play the Two-Headed Giant game?  Be our guest, enjoy this Saturday event with our compliments.

Kratos – $60

Homados – $200

Agon – $400



Theros Sleeves


Theros Deck Box


Theros Playmat




Theros Fat Pack


Messenger Bag


Theros Booster Box






You can preregister online: